Our philosophy and business policy
As a medium-sized manufacturers of marzipan paste, chocolate and other high-quality semi-finished products for the confectionery industry and the confectionery industry, we have the objective of our customers, using all reasonable means to serve the best quality. Qualitaet
  • We therefore feel a deep obligation to protect the health of our employees
  • our environment and natural resources
  • and the general public.

For this reason we have decided, our procedures and activities with all employees and executives together, so as to be carried out today and future expectations of our customers and the environment and identify with our processes, products and services to meet.

We therefore see it as our task, through continuous improvement of our processes and procedures, effective and efficient use of all the necessary resources, taking into account the arbeitssicherheits, environmental and gesundheitsschutzrelevanten laws, rules and regulations, including the creation of appropriate materials and materials include.

This is clear allocation of responsibilities and powers under our management system for all employees and areas of our company has validity, and the definition and systematic execution of our commitment appropriate, short, medium and long-term objectives.

Only satisfied customers in a healthy environment for long-term existence of our company and thus our employees.

How it all began ... rundum
1923 Dr. Leopold founded Engelhardt Kondimafabrik the AG in Karlsruhe and began with the production of Rohmassen from almonds and nuts for the confectionery and bakery industry and the confectionery production.

The Kondimafabrik AG was the first and only large-scale producers in southern German country with tough competition in the north.

Since the Rohmassen has always and still a lot sooner than today to seasonal items involved was very soon in addition to the production of fruit and ice cream canned begun. Shortly afterwards came as a logical consequence of the preparation of the nuts and almonds for the Rohmassen the preparations. The nougat production was in the late 20s.

When the war began relatively quickly set a shortage of raw materials from abroad, so that the Rohmassenherstellung largely had to be set. Instead, a special vitaminreiche catering to supply the Navy, particularly the U-boat crew, as canned produce.

After the ausgebombt completely Kondima 1944, adopted after the end of the war in the manufacture of the complete product range, added to chocolate, again.

The name changed Kondimafabrik AG, after inclusion of new associates in the 30 years up to 1986, the exit Year of the Family Heiden, in the name Kondima works Engelhardt & Heiden OHG.

Leopold Engelhardt, son of company founder, joined in 1951, after the conclusion of his chemistry studies in the factory.

Meanwhile, the company is in the third generation, by Thomas Engelhardt, in 1985 occurred in the company, under the name Kondima Engelhardt GmbH & Co. KG.
Today ...
The name Kondima Engelhardt GmbH & Co. KG in Karlsruhe remains. The product range has been changed, Eiskonserven that no longer manufactured, the Rohmassen now angewirkten masses are added and the production of nougat and chocolate for more products such as glazes, diabetics articles, etc. Schokoladenraspeln was added.

We provide us with these products every day a hard competition, we have competitive prices and excellent services around our products may exist.

Has changed in recent years, therefore the modernisation of machinery and equipment, first in the production areas marzipan and chocolate means.
In the future ...

... Kondima wants to remain a healthy company.

Kondima, quality around!

This means that our best modern equipment technology. Change is therefore in the future, especially growth.

Growth continues to optimize the operations, change in thinking and practices require that we each other and grow together. This applies to us within the Kondima and includes all employees, but also all of our customers and suppliers with whom we continue to work in partnership manner and confidence.

Since our growth in the existing old buildings are limits, is the logical consequence, the path to follow and a new factory reality.

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