Chocolate couvertures and block chocolate
The codes indicate the composition.
Code 70/30/41, for example, means:

a) 1st number percentage of cocoa solids 70%
b) 2nd number percentage of sugar 30%
c) 3rd number total fat content 41%

The code 35/35 for whole milk-chocolate couverture means:

a) 1st number percentage of
cocoa solids
35% (remainder sugar and milk = 65%)
b) 2nd number total fat content 35% (cocoa butter and milk fats together)

The higher the fat content, the more liquid the couverture.

cool at max. 18° C, dark, dry
relative air humidity: max. 60 %

The following varieties are offered:

Plain chocolate:

Plain chocolate
550 Block chocolate
A plain block chocolate that can be used for various
purposes, and is favourably priced. Mainly used for
solid blocks, decoration and for grating.
608 "Rhine" couverture
For these dark couvertures high-quality cocoa
beans have been added to give them a more
delicate flavour. The degrees of fat content are
geared to the various applications and techniques
in high-class confiserie.
600 "Rhine" couverture
602 "Rhine" couverture
1608 "Danube" couverture
This is the most widely used dark couverture for
quick, easy work. It goes a long way because
thin coatings are possible.
1701 "Danube" couverture
A very dark couverture of low viscosity.

Milk chocolate:

Superior whole milk chocolate couverture


Whole milk chocolate
couverture 35/35

Rich and milky taste but reasonably priced,
viscosity for all kinds of work.


Superior whole milk
chocolate couverture,
light 38/38

Very light in colour, therefore suitable for
decoration and contrast. Very good for shells.


Superior whole milk
chocolate couverture,

The cocoa beans from Madagascar, which are light in colour, give this couverture a special appeal. Excellent for fine, particularly light and decorative coatings and for piping.
These light coatings are indispensable for
assorted chocolates.

W 35

White milk chocolate

For all kinds of white decorations for coating,
hollow shapes and solids.

White milk chocolate

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