Praline (nougat) pastes
Praline pastes consist of a maximum of 50 % of sugar and roasted, refined hazelnuts or almonds, either with or without addition of cocoa solids. Dark praline pastes contain cocoa mass and cocoa butter, light praline pastes contain cocoa butter only. The water content is practically nil. (Moisture and contact with water spoils the quality). No fats are added apart from cocoa butter.

Praline pastes are used for:
All kinds of finished products, similar to marzipan products, such as bars and cubes, especially in layers or rolled up with marzipan; also as a filling for chocolates, sweets and biscuits, and to add taste to butter cream, etc. Sometimes castor sugar is added as well.

As the more or less firm consistency of praline pastes is due to their cocoa butter content, they are sensitive to temperature changes, just like chocolate. Once melted, they have to be subjected to a special cooling procedure (called 'tempering') in order to regain their attractive, uniquely smooth texture.

cool at max. 18° C, dark, dry
relative air humidity: max. 60 %

Praline pastes firm for cutting

NNd Hazelnut praline, dark Has a balanced hazelnut and chocolate taste.
NNh Hazelnut praline, light Tastes purely of roasted hazelnuts.

Praline pastes firm for cutting
Special grades:

NNeh Hazelnut praline,
extra light
A particularly light praline made from slightly
roasted hazelnuts.
NBN Bitter hazelnut praline With a hint of bitter taste. The chocolate added
and dark roasted hazelnuts with strong caramel
give it a spicy touch.
MNH Almond praline, light Roasted almonds give this product an
exquisite flavour.

The following qualities sell particularly well as cut & weigh retail articles, packed in 2,5 kg, wrapped in aluminium foil:

Layered hazelnut praline and hazelnut nougat
NNSA Layered hazelnut praline This article consists of alternate layers of
very light and dark nougat. Available in
2,5 kg blocks in aluminium foil only.
NNKAd Hazelnut nougat, dark
with whole hazelnuts
Roasted whole hazelnuts are mixed into
the paste before setting. The 2,5 kg blocks
are packed in aluminium foil for
cut & weigh counter sales.
NNKAh Hazelnut nougat, light
with whole hazelnuts

Soft praline pastes

NNdw Soft hazelnut nougat, dark Praline pastes with a reduced content
of cocoa butter, so that they remain
viscous and do not require tempering.
NNhw Soft hazelnut nougat, light

Soft praline pastes

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