Grated chocolate
cool at max. 18° C, dark, dry
relative air humidity: max. 60 %

WRS Grated white chocolate
35 % cocoa solids min.
For decorating and improving ice-cream
specialities, "spaghetti" ice-cream, and for
fancy pastries, cakes, chocolates, desserts
and sweet dishes.

Grated white chocolate
SRG Rough-grated plain chocolate
55 % cocoa solids min.
For use as chocolate chips in cakes,
gateaus and biscuits and as decoration
and flavouring for "Stracciatella" ice-cream
and other specialities as well as for
flammeries creams and confectionery.
SRF Fine grated plain chocolate
55 % cocoa solids min.

Rough-grated and fine grated plain chocolate
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