Praline creams
As far as taste and texture are concerned, praline creams come more or less near to praline pastes. According to German food legislation, they have to contain at least 10 % roasted hazelnuts or almonds. Unlike the praline pastes, vegetable fat has been added, which means they do not require 'tempering' after melting. The sugar content must not exceed 67 %.

cool at max. 18° C, dark, dry
relative air humidity: max. 60 %

NC Hazelnut praline cream,
firm for cutting
Consistency, colour and taste are similar to dark
hazelnut nougat, with a high proportion of
roasted, refined hazelnuts. Can be baked.
GNC Soft nougat cream Composition and taste as NC, but softer in
texture. Can be baked.

Soft nougat cream
LI Mousseline-cream,
A delicate, aromatic nougat cream, suitable for
piping. Without any cocoa solids and with a
wonderfully strong, pure nut taste due to the
particularly high hazelnut content.
Can be baked as a filling.

Mousseline-cream, soft

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